A group of us ran a sandwich stall at work. It was a for-charity event. Our sandwiches, especially the Corn-N-Mayo, were a big hit. Sadly, the Employee Club imposed price controls after the fiasco by another team yesterday. A lot of folks were unhappy about that event. Two (yes two) potato wedges for 20 bucks was not their greatest idea. Our collections weren't anywhere near what we could've done, because of the price controls but it was totally worth it. We spent almost two non-stop hours in the kitchen, catering to the demand. Totally washed out now but Yay!!

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  1. Aki Says:

    Biju!! I think you perfectly qualify to substitute for Sani Da until he is back from vacation! So feel free to drop in every evening and cook for us. And of course you can cook for your self as well!

    Sounds like a plan!

  2. det-res Says:

    That sounds awesome. Atleast you guys had fun while you were at it.

  3. Skely Says:

    Wow! that's cool, doing something different at workplace..

    @Aki: This bugger charges Rs.20 for two potato wedges.. This could be a very costly substitute.

  4. Bijesh Says:

    @Skely: The 2-for-2 was done by the previous team and cos of them we had to sell our awesome sandwiches for 30 bucks although it could've made as much as 45 bucks.

    @Aki: I can only do gourmet dishes and that will run very expensive for you :-) About 40K a month including materials for dinner alone.

  5. Preethika Says:

    That's my man!!!!!

    You should have written about your experimental Mayonaise making as well!

    40K a month for dinner items alone? dude, what ARE you eating?