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Yesterday, while sipping machine-made coffee, I had a conversation about how I react to situations. Z was describing an incident that happened when we were both in school. About how I reacted (or did not react) after we caught up to two friends who had gotten lost while on a trip in Chennai. Z and I both knew the route to varying degrees but instead of splitting up to guide the gang we took off into the same auto-rickshaw. Of course, in the hope that the other auto would follow us. That, however, didn't happen. Anyway. I don't quite remember the incident but apparently I had asked my red-in-the-face-with-anger friend , "But you are here now, aren't you?"

I tend to underreact (which *is* a word) a bit sometimes - most times. I think that how I react is governed by what the situation is about. For example, if it is about something material or money - like losing money even if it's a huge wad - I don't react wildly, not outwardly at least. Of course, it hurts to be in whatever that situation may be but I strongly believe that it is not worth getting a heart-attack over.

I wouldn't be over-excited and lose sleep in anticipation of a favourite t.v. show/movie/book or the most incredible rock show. I wouldn't be inconsolable if I missed them as I did when Iron Maiden played in B'Lore (It would've been a different matter if that had been Metallica. ) Celebrities don't thrill me.

Even when people are celebrating something quite awesome, I might not show any excitement. If you jump up-down-left-right and tell me India that has won the World Cup, I would most probably ask, "So what?". No, that's not just because I don't watch cricket or any other sport for that matter. I am sure that some people sometimes find it irritating when I am all laid-back when there is humdrum and chaos around. That's me! I like being laid-back. Why waste your emotions and energy on trivial things?

There is a negative part to all this (There always is a negative). There are times - critical times- when it is absolutely essential that I do something and I don't know how to react. At crucial moments, my decision making is quite hampered. It takes me forever to reach a decision and when I do I am left wondering if it was right or close to being right.

What kind of a reactor (that's not even funny) are you? Do exaggerate and blow up simple issues? If yes, then what kind of issues makes you attain critical mass?

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Gone missing..

If you did notice (which you probably didn't), I haven't posted anything on the blog for a long time. I have gone missing and with good reason.

There is a remarkable difference in me from the last time I posted - which I noticed now was 3 months back. I am now what some people would like to call (often in an accusatory tone) a "family-man". The D-Day (D as in Darn-good and looked-forward-to for many many years) was on the 13th of September, 2007. In 5 days time I would've been married for a month. Wow!

Before you decide to ask the typical "How does it feel?" in Aaj-tak style, I should tell you that I don't have coherent answers to such questions as that. I have been guilty of asking such questions to other souls (who I now realize must've felt as tormented as I do now). This is a question that you *should* be able to answer but no matter how hard you try you cannot. "It feels good" sounds like the safest and all-encompassing answer to this question.

We haven't yet gotten to the "one disagreement a day" state yet. It has been pretty smooth sailing until now. I know we'll get close to that state of equilibrium some day but that's for later. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing (or quarreling). That is just the natural way of things, in my humble opinion.

Maybe I should introduce you to the one. Given that we are in blog-world, here's her blog - Preethi'ka'. Yes, she has been around for a while.

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