yeah right!

"She's using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better and hopefully, in my opinion, to change the attitudes that exist about her among many people," Hutton said after visiting Hilton."
~ Paris Hilton's lawyer, Richard A. Hutton

What a sad state it is for the world when it needs Paris to make it better! What deplorable place have we all reached!

I don't usually give a rat's behind about these celebrity reports. Paris is different. Resembling her pet Chihuahua, she is the epitome of "ugly sells" - if you have loads of cash and can do weird(read slutty) things to get noticed. For some reason, I can't stand her. Even her not-so-bad-looking "friend", Nicole, has become an unbearable nincompoop under her influence. Alright, I don't think looks are that big a deal. Yet, to me, Paris is beyond ugliness. Everytime I see her on t.v. my skin crawls. Is she an alien? She sure does look like one. What if she is here, plotting a fear-campaign against us all? I am pretty unnerved by her. She is scary enough to give me nightmares that usually have her bearing down on me with her Chihuahua teeth flashing in the disco-lights. Of course, the nightmares are in technicolor. She is a bright red colour in most of them. Scary!!

Did you see the South Park episode featuring Paris Hilton, where the high school girls of SP want to become "sluts" cos Paris is one?? Oh man, that was one hilarious show. Of course, most little girls nowadays seem to be turning into Paris' images. Aha! That's her plot. To turn all girls and women into her replica. God help us all when that happens.

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