resolutions - 2006

Chells tagged me so..

I stand by the cliched line, "Resolutions are meant to be broken." So I don't usually make any resolutions for new year. Infact I don't even consider a new year worth celebrating. Most of the time, all that I do on New Year's night is watch some movie on tv. The hour-hand and minute-hand meeting at midnight does not excite me much too. Anyway as usual I dont have any "resolutions" per se, but there are things I would like to do and might not get to do. Not doing it is not a problem cos they r not resolutions :-) Enough of the blahdy-blah. Here's what I want to do:

1) Get back to my reading habit
2) Get back to my guitar lessons
3) Radically change and improve my social life and expand my social circle (I've no idea how I'm going to do that given that I am so lazy and closed to people)
4) Get back on the biking trail (I miss being on the road)
5) Possibly a new bike (depends on the new bikes that will be out in India)

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timepass four

Like the lone gunslinger
Marching across the desert of strife
You arrive at the end of a dream
The beginning of another day.

There have been battles to fight,
And there were pleasures won.
There have been people you spite,
And those that were yours.

Lessons learnt long before
are the weapons for the tired soul -
Every struggle and each hurdle you cross
will cement in you the resolve to go.

It is an unknown out there
An unknown - terribler than the known
But let not any fear
Lodge in you - buried or sown.

For there is always a way
A door leading faraway
Where there is no worry
Just bliss yet to be fathomed.

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Me (explained)

DD is pretty close with two points:

"your mind is a closed green door that opens with a golden key..."
"you are guided by rational thinking signified by the full moon"

raks, u too with the point:

"the key is there but still u cant open it."

VJ, almost there with:

"He is just waiting for somebody to get those answers - one who can find that key and open the door!"

anu almost there:

"questioning your risk taking capabilities"

pree, u too, again almost there:

"the moon that's gonna show u the path"

I don't mean that this is the exact interpretation. There never is an exact interpretation. But these are the things that it can be taken to signify.

The door: I am a closed person. not just closed but locked in. The door represents that significant characteristic of mine. I am sure most of you that know me agree with this.

The significance of the key: The key is not for me for the door obviously is mine and I not only have no need to open it; but probably can't possibly out of fear of being revealed. The key tied to the pole is a simplistic representation of the fact that the key is not easily available. There is time and effort involved and there is no guarantee that somebody will get to it at all. So whoever does get to the key and manages to open has access to me; me unprotected by the door; me open to the winds of life.

The question marks are nothing but the confused state that I think I am almost always in. Yes, all of you are correct about that - unanswered question == uncleared confusions. They don't necessarily cause any disruptions; they are merely present dotting the landscape like lone twigs floating on a lake. They pop up every often to make my mind chew on them. The number of question marks is of no significance; though coincidentally my birth date is the 10th.

The moon - it represents a lot of things and includes within it such nocturnal objects as stars and comets and the cooling breeze. The night sky has always fascinated me; always. I can spend long hours staring at the stars wondering where their beauty is made. The way the stars and the moon light up an otherwise dark sky with shades of silver has always fascinated me. To me the day cannot be half as pretty or as mysterious. These are also symbols representing enlightenment (rational thinking, if u like that). The enlightenment is not all-compassing but nevertheless breaks the monotony of the unknown(the darkness).

The road beyond the door. Life after all is a journey. A journey that has no real beginning and no real end. You take what the road throws at you and try and carry on. Whoever opens the door can read the journey but cannot necessarily know the way it has been and the way it will be. The door only opens to the present tense. The now of the journey.

The large number of symbolism means only that I am not entirely sure of what I have been or what I am or what I want to be.

What all of you missed was this - I have an absolutely horrible sense of colour!! :-))

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Me (Tag)

Tagged by VJ. The idea is to upload an image that I think represents myself. Here goes:

Meaning open to interpretation by my readers. I'll post what I think it means, later.

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off to india

for a week. Flying out tonight from Heathrow. Can't wait to get there.. No, no, not because I am homesick or anything. It's because my shiny new iPod is being safely protected by my friend skely, who, just for the record, happens to be a really great guy. Everybody should have friends like him. :-) And I haven't even seen my iPod yet.

Ofcourse, I am scared about the rains that are the news in India now. I don't want to be rained in through the week. Oh rain god(s), please show some mercy! I do love the rains but not now, just not now.

So though I have another post waiting to be posted, I am not posting it until I get back. See you folks later. tata and have fun. ta rum pum pum rum pum pum tum dum...

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