Free Falling

How would it feel to let go and fall? Plummeting down towards the ground, with no rope to hold and no cushion to break the fall. The air rushing up and left and right, pushing your body around as if it were a bag of feathers. How would those few seconds feel, when you know for sure that life as you know it will end? Will you cringe? Will you cry? Will the past flash by your mind or will the mind be too terrified to think about the past and especially the future? Sins from the past- will they haunt the final moments. Could it, otherwise, be a screenplay of happy thoughts and fond memories?

It must be bliss to know that this cycle of physicality will be done with. It must feel like heaven to be weightless and unfettered by the chains of life. Perhaps there will be a prayer said, thanking the heavens for the relief that's rushing towards you. A final sigh and a final phew, just before the wind gets blown out of your lungs for the last time. A crunching, sickening sound and you are a non-entity.

Lest you think otherwise, I ought to mention that I am not feeling suicidal :-). I do have this weird tendency to fantasize about falling down or letting things fall whenever I am looking down from a height. Fortunately I don't have that kind of tolerance for pain, so I will never try free-falling probably not even if it's bungee-jumping.

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crowning glory

Tricked you! The title has nothing to do with anything that I have to say. The truth is I don't have anything to say. I've been working on a couple of posts for a long time, but they don't seem to go anywhere. So, you are sort of stuck with this.

Life's moving along - tumbling, stumbling but moving. I would soon be among the many that travel an hour or more to get to office. I don't intend to drive down. Company-provided transport is the way to go. I was wondering, along with a few colleagues, if the traffic situation might benefit from employees using company transport as opposed to their cars and bikes. If workplaces can streamline their work hours and provide some kind of carrot to make the employees use company transport, it might help. I haven't done enough research to say if there's enough transportation being arranged by companies, but I think there are many that still prefer to drive/ride down by themselves. These are the ones that need to be targeted.

In my opinion, public transport is next to negligible in B'Lore. People wouldn't want to get crushed on my way to work in those dingy looking buses. Neither would people want to hop from bus to bus, in an effort to reach their work-places. Connectivity is a problem. The BMTC needs to clean up its act and get to work. I have seen a remarkable improvement in the last year, with luxury Volvo buses, Ladies' Specials, Pass Buses and even buses that are routed through major medical facilities. It's a good start.

In other news, Tata announced its 1-lakh car. Here's a take on why that is not good news. I tend to agree with the author. With the (lack of) road sense that we possess, I don't want to see every Tom, Dick and Harry driving in a four-wheeled contraption. Call me whatever but I am praying that the car doesn't take off.

That must've bored you to death. I will stop before you run screaming with your hair flying around. I am scared that your hair might get caught in the door jamb and send you sprawling on the floor. I cannot afford a lawsuit. :-D

Have fun, have a merry christmas!! And in case I don't post again, let me wish you all the best year ahead.

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