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Most often than not, I have seen bloggers ponder over their respective blog journeys. Wondering how their blogs have seen ups and downs, how for weeks or months together they don't have anything to say and how one day words come gushing out. To me what's fascinating, more than the journey of this blog, is the journeys of blogs that I happened upon and added to my growing list of reads.

Over the years - not that there were that many - I have come across numerous blogs through links and cross links. There have been blogs that were intellectual, bordering on philosophy and examining the world and its ways. There have been those that told stories - stories that kept you asking for more, stories of real people, stories of fictional folks. There have been those that saw the world through the looking glass of humour. There have been the ones that worded out what the blogger saw, how the blogger felt - an open journal laying out interesting questions, delivering possibilities.

The blogs have changed over time. Growing with the authors, is my guess. Their views may remain more or less the same but they have become tempered with experience and exude a richer aroma. Some have changed even more transforming into something that's completely different. Many of the blogs have slowed down considerably. The occasional posts on some of these are still interesting enough to warrant their presence on my RSS feed. Then there are those that have disappeared from blogdom leaving no traces behind. I haven't cleaned out my RSS feed in a long time but I don't see a need to do that.

P.S: Pondering out loud in a without-any-point-really post.

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  1. Deeps Says:

    Well thought out post :). Many a times, I feel the same, that you can see the person's growth in the blog's :). I miss many of them that have come to a halt, feels like you are out of touch with some good old friends..

  2. Preethika Says:

    And you know yours will always be my fav blog as you're the blogger I eagerly look forward to post something....Cos you can write just anything and it will be worth a read...

    And I would have said the same even if I'd NOT married you.... but that wouldn't have happened, so I could be lying too.. so WATEVER! :-)

  3. Unknown Says:

    hey man! visiting your blog after a long time...
    i was watching this stupid serial i heard about - rakhi ka svayamvar! somehow i thought you would have written your thoughts about that crap!!!

  4. Bijesh Says:

    @VJ: I hear that R-ka-S is a great study in the virtues of humility and patience. Apparently puts in a Buddha-ish state of mind. I have been wanting to catch at least one episode to be enlightened but hasn't happened yet. :-D

  5. Preethika Says:

    @ Vijay & Biju - Guys, Rakhi ka swamyamvar rocks!!! It's a must watch for all men... and women and the their parents.