Kitchen Attempts: Grilled Chicken Breast with Brown Sauce

The original recipe was from here. My marinade was Olive Oil, Red wine vinegar, ground pepper, coriander, shallots and a lil bit of mint. Don't ask me why though. :)
The grilled chicken turned out a bit dry. Should have used more oil.

The brown sauce recipe was from here. I tried this first but screwed it up totally. It wasn't even brown. Of course, the second attempt was only ok. At some point during the making, the sauce appeared good and very flavorsome. Then my experimentation took over and it ended up with a bit extra flour. Wasn't a total success but I was cooking for myself. :-D

The side was steamed green beans and brocolli tossed in olive oil and pepper. The brocolli could've been a little more done though.

Happy with the attempt. Probably will attempt this gain next weekend. :-) Practice makes perfect, innit?

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  1. Skely Says:

    It's time you invited us all for a dinner party ;)


  2. Preethika Says:

    OMG!!! Impressive presentation...

    Olive oil, brocolli...someone's restocked the whole kitchen....

    sweetheart how about using the melamine plates... a bit worried about my ceramic ones ;-)

  3. Bijesh Says:

    @skely: yeah right, grass eater.

    @pree: yep brocolli-hater. :-) ok, honey. melamine from now on :-P

  4. Skely Says:

    @biju,preethi: Can't you both have your sweet-honey private talks privately ;)

  5. Bijesh Says:

    dei, I thought you were ill. Take your medicine and rest in bed. :-P

    When did you join the sene?

  6. Rakesh Ramakrishnan Says:

    dude ..... wht happened to that mini bar @ ur place. nw tht missus is nt around it shud b fully stocked

  7. Preethika Says:

    @ raks

    BIL, you make me wonder whom do u know better your brother or me!!!or neither of us...:-)