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(read a lot of movie related blogs in the last few days, hence this one. in case a movie post is mandatory in blogdom)

I am not a movie addict! I watch less than 5 movies in a month, most of them on HBO or Star Movies. So I am not even a regular movie-goer or watcher. Yet, there are a few movies or parts of them that I've liked and wouldn't mind watching over and over again. A few of these are listed here.

Forrest Gump :-

A completely down-to-earth movie. Nothing spectacular but its simplicity enraptured me. Tom Hanks is fantastic in the movie.

Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 :-

Pulp. Loved the unique narration and cinematography. Fascinating work.

Aladdin :-

Excellent animated movie. Must be the one that made the animation genre mainstream. Great music as well.

Dennis the menace :-

Have been a Dennis fan for long. The movie was an absolute laughalympics. The kid was brilliant and Walter Matthau the perfect grumpy Mr. Wilson.

The Pianist :-

Heart-wrencing true story of a pianist - Wladyslaw Szpilman- caught in the holocaust. Adrien Brody's rendition was inch perfect. Hugely depressing movie, but excellent in all aspects.

E.T. :-

Steven Speilberg. Do you need to say more? Yep, Drew Barrymore. I would watch the movie a hundred times to watch the brilliantly cute li'l Barrymore in the movie. And ofcourse for E.T. , too. "E.T. phone home..."

The Fast and the Furious :-

For the cars, especially Vin Diesel's 9-sec Mustang (was that a Mustang?). And the really cool way the cars were used in the heists. Only for the thrills.

Mission Impossible 2 :-

Only for the final bike chase sequence. Mind blowing, typical John woo.

Broken Arrow :-

Classical John Woo action movie. Ultra-cool Travolta.

The Matrix :-

Confusingly good sci-fi movie. Only for sci-fi buffs.

Shrek :-

Brilliant facial animations. The donkey (eddie murphy) rules. "Are we there yet?"

There must be a few more hidden in the cob-webbed sections of my brain. Will jot them as and when they choose to show themselves.

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