mood... ecstatic

There you are waiting for things to happen. Waiting and waiting, impatiently. You are looking everywhere for a chance to make it happen. Then, out of the blue, it just happens - without any conscious action from you. Some chance remark, some chance gesture and somebody makes it happen for you.

How great an impact some things have? They would be so minute that you would have missed them, if not for the big wave that they created. A wave that engulfs you and changes your life in a million different ways. Leaving behind a feeling of serenity, a peace that's unfathomable. All's well and the world is now a more wonderful place.

I won't make much sense to you. That's because I am grinning ear-to-ear. I am grinning because I came to know of something super-fantastically-fabulous, that actually happened yesterday. Don't ask me what! It's a secret for now.....

Damn, I am so happy I could be floating in space. :-D

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