eight hundred, seventy five kms : Day 2

Woke up to a beautiful morning around 06:00. Vivek was already up. We got to the task of waking up the rest of the gang. Most of them must have cursed us for that :D. The owners of the house were very kind people. They gave us coffee and even allowed us to use their bathroom to save time. The plan for that day was to visit a place called Talacauvery. This is where the River Cauvery is supposed to originate. Cauvery is a major river in South India and caters to the agricultural and daily needs of millions. It is also the cause of some shameful fights amongst the South Indian states.

The roads were not very good but made some great riding through the hills. Sharan was trying out the Unicorn and stalled the engine when taking a curve. Another bike on the opposite lane had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Sharan was a bit unnerved by that. So the two of us rode slowly but steadily. Talacauvery is a religious centre and being a person without a religious lean it was awfully uninteresting. To add to the woes, inspite of my instincts I climbed some hot stone stairs to reach a "view" point and successfully scorched my feet.

We rode back to a place called Bhagamandala in search of the meeting point of three rivers. Disappointing is too small a word to describe the place. We expected some forceful water flow, but nothing like that seemed to exist. The place was unclean and very commercialised. Lunch was packed from a hotel and it was fun to sit around and eat under some trees. Some of the folks decided to take a dip in whatever water was present. I lay down in the grass to relax a bit.

Around dusk we got back to the house to dump some bags. We planned to do some seeing around the town. First we headed to the golf grounds in Madikeri. Surprisingly these grounds were open to the public unlike the usual elitilist clubs. It was dark when we got there, so we could do nothing but sit and chat on the golf grass. The place was awesome even in the night. Miles of open space spread out between a few hills. Next stop was Raja's Seat in Madikeri. This is a point from where we can look out at the hills that surround Madikeri. It is famous for its sunset view, but we were too late for that. We got to spend only 10 minutes before closing time.

Finished up our dinner at the same restaurant (Choice). We had to ask around about route options for the return trip. People seemed to have conflicting ideas about the best route. One route that we were dead against was the path through Mysore. The Mysore-Bangalore road is a nightmare with construction going on throughout the stretch. I went off to fill up fuel. A policeman that we met at the fuel station recommended that we take the Madikeri -Somwarpet -Hassan -Bangalore road. One set of people had told us that this road was bad. So we were in a dilemma. But the policeman was absolutely confident about the road and said that it was newly laid and very good though it had a lot of curves and twisties.

Some of the gang wanted to do some site-seeing during the return leg, a place called Nisargadhama. I was absolutely against it. With the way our site-seeings had gone, I didn't think it was worth it. It was an usual conflict of ideas. Raj's friends were the site seeing kind of tourists, while Raj, Sharan and I were the ride-ride-and-ride kind. Somehow we managed to convince the folks to drop the idea. It was decided to take the route that the policeman told us about.

We reached home around 22:00 that night. I decided to pack up for the return ride and later got into bed for another sound sleep. We planned to leave as early as we possibly could.

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