Ferrari.. we still have the trust.

2 races and just 10 points. Michael has only two points. Barrichello is better off at 8. The season start has been disappointing. With rumours and predictions of MC's possible retirement, things are not the way the fans would have liked. It is very clear that Ferrari is struggling at this point.

Renault seems to have found amazing form this year and Red Bull has emerged a surprise. Like Steve said on Star Sports, Ferrari seems to have misread the competition this season. Ferrari has almost always introduced their new cars a little way into the season. In the last few seasons, the previous year's cars have been more competitive than the new cars of the other teams. Not so this time around.

The F2005 might turn things around for Ferrari. But that is not a given fact. As Schumacher stated, the F2005 will not be a magic remedy. The team has called for improvements and work in a number of areas. Tyres seem to be a major bone of contention.

Did the new regulations catch Ferrari off guard? Will the F2005 prove competitive? Will it be reliable enough? Will Ferrari retain the constructor's title? And the big one of them all - Will MC win the championship yet again?

There are millions of the scarlet fans praying. For us, win or loss, Ferrari will always symbolise a legend, a legend of speed and beauty. Ferrari, we trust your greatness. Ferrari rules. Amen!

P.S.: Will the jealous critics (I would've liked to use some choice words here....) now say Renault are ruining f1 with their dominance? They will never, because these lowly people always want to tarnish only the greatest. Simply because it's a greatness they'll never know.

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