Started off as something, ended up being what it is. Like it, hate it, hate it, like it. That's rubbish!! Here goes the bonkeritis...It is set in the alpharunic misplaised dumbotic metre. Guffaw!!

Face shining like the moon,
She waited for her love.
He had promised her the stars,
And all that made her swoon.

The night was misty and cold,
Goosebumping her lovely skin.
Yet her shivers paled
In his remembered warmth.

All the birds were back,
Folding into their nests.
The horses had trotted away,
Taking masters to warm beds.

Her face drooped into a dream,
The soft eyelids a canvas.
Scenes from their time gleamed
Within the silent play she staged.

His warm hands brushed
The hair off her forehead.
From her dreams she rushed
And swooned into his hug.

She didn't need the stars,
Nor had for the moon any want
He had with him to give
All love she could have.

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