timepass two

This is my first ever attempt to write about something "common". i don't exactly know how to define it - common is the closest I could come up with. Anyway that's how it is and what I've written might sound a lot jittery.

It was a long time
Since he last laughed.
He hadn't seen a dime
Nor did he have work.

The fiver was his ticket.
A ticket to a pretend heaven.
Old and haggard he hobbled
Into the first bar in sight.

He downed a glass of whisky,
Followed by another.
He shot himself a tequila
Seasoned with many others.

The five was long gone,
Heaven was still away.
He was still not done
Looking for his grave.

His shadow grew long;
The voice louder.
His mind was numb,
The tongue went wayward.

Out he got thrown
Thrown out by a bushy bouncer.
He flew into the street,
With his busy coat flapping.
Heaven was still away,
So was his mind.

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