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by Anupama. So here goes the list. yeah, no particular order if you please. Cheers!

Seven things you plan (wish I could) to do before you die

1) Drive or be driven in a ferrari on the Auto-Bahn
2) Ride through the Himalayas
3) Build myself a house beside a stream surrounded by a lot of trees
4) Go on a European tour
5) Build a garden of white roses
6) Spend a month cut-off from the world - except for supplies ;-)
7) Learn to play the guitar

Seven things you can do

I can..

1) eat chocolate
2) love those that I care for
3) listen to that special someone forever even if it is just yabba-dabba-doo
4) watch the rain for hours
5) listen to all kinds of music (exc. new filmi masala)
6) laze around doing nothing and not get bored even when there is nothing to do
7) ride my bike through the day

Seven things you say/write the most

I say..

1) Yeah (variation: yep)
2) Cool
3) Alright
4) Hmmmm/watever
5) Sweets
6) Wassup
7) Sorry

Seven things you can't do

I can't..

1) watch the soaps on tv
2) go without an afternoon nap on the weekends
3) stand a crowd
4) stand guys that make lewd remarks about girls walking by
5) spend time matching my shirts and trousers or even press my clothes
6) sleep without a blanket and a second pillow
7) stop cribbing

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

1) Eyes
2) Smile
3) A modern outlook, not over-the-top though
4) Innocence
5) Dimples
6) Independence
7) Opinionated

Seven celebrity crushes

1) Preity Zinta
2) Madhuri Dixit
3) Drew Barrymore
4) Allison Mack
5) Julia Roberts
6) Salma Hayek
7) Jennifer Aniston

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