the ten most amazing things

Everyone of us loves some things. Things that might seem silly to others, but is incredibly precious to us. They bring upon a smile even under the toughest situations. They bring to us a peace which is unarguably pleasant, however short-lived it might be.

I attempt to list the 10 things that I think are the most amazing to me. The top 10, with the number 1 missing for obvious reasons. :)

2) The wonderful earth-smell when it rains.
3) A long winding road passing through fields, with no traffic
4) Chocolates - not dark chocolate though
5) Beautiful fluffy clouds that seem to melt into shapes.
6) A good book, a hot tea, some music and my beanbag on a rainy day
7) Moonlight.
8) Getting goosebumps
9) Lazing around on a monday morning.
10)Sunset and sunrise.

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