Gone missing..

If you did notice (which you probably didn't), I haven't posted anything on the blog for a long time. I have gone missing and with good reason.

There is a remarkable difference in me from the last time I posted - which I noticed now was 3 months back. I am now what some people would like to call (often in an accusatory tone) a "family-man". The D-Day (D as in Darn-good and looked-forward-to for many many years) was on the 13th of September, 2007. In 5 days time I would've been married for a month. Wow!

Before you decide to ask the typical "How does it feel?" in Aaj-tak style, I should tell you that I don't have coherent answers to such questions as that. I have been guilty of asking such questions to other souls (who I now realize must've felt as tormented as I do now). This is a question that you *should* be able to answer but no matter how hard you try you cannot. "It feels good" sounds like the safest and all-encompassing answer to this question.

We haven't yet gotten to the "one disagreement a day" state yet. It has been pretty smooth sailing until now. I know we'll get close to that state of equilibrium some day but that's for later. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing (or quarreling). That is just the natural way of things, in my humble opinion.

Maybe I should introduce you to the one. Given that we are in blog-world, here's her blog - Preethi'ka'. Yes, she has been around for a while.

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  2. Deeps Says:


  3. Prakash Swaminathan Says:

    good to see you back ..
    so how does it feel ?? :-D

  4. sanchapanzo Says:

    belated wishes dude ..