Wind of change

What would you do? When the pearl that's been denied you for so long is now within your reach, what do you do? When the clouds decide to sprinkle you in the midst of a long, dry desert walk. When a cold breeze flows in from the sea, spotting you with goosebumps? What do you do then?
Will you jump up and down like on a trampoline? Would you have a grin stuck to your face all the time? Would your dreams, until then gray and black, turn into technicolor fantasies? Would your days be filled with sunshine and your nights with peace?

Have you ever felt what it is to be on cloud nine? Really known that feeling?

Do you fear that the elation will fade away one day? Not because the reason to feel elated is missing, just that you have gotten used to the feeling. Do you worry about the storms that are yet to come? Or should you enjoy the glory of the moment and drown your worries in its golden glow? You have come this far and it shouldn't be more difficult to go further. Once you have experienced the cold, the river is indeed a calming balm.

Won't you let yourself float in this lovely river? Won't you let the river take away your baggage and turn you into the lightest winged fly? Come, you are worthy of it. Come, wash away your past with this cool splash. For there are miles to go on this joyride and you won't want to miss a thing.

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  1. Arz000n Says:

    I say.....if you are in Cloud 9, just be there and enjoy each and every moment...coz if you keep on worrying about, as you said storms yet to come, then you will neva experience the feeling of being in cloud 9

    ....and not everyday you go to Cloud you??

    then why miss the oppurtunity :)

  2. Vijay Gandhi Says:

    whoa! nicely put! :)

  3. Biju Says:

    @zoonie: of course, that's the way to be. why worry when you can be merry? :)

    @VJ: :)

  4. Preethika Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Preethika Says:

    Long awaited moments have to be cherished and each n every bit of it relished. Enjoy the sunshine as you bask in its warmth, don’t worry about cold night that’ll follow.

    No one can be on the cloud nine forever. But yes, one can choose to be happy always. Happiness doesn’t find you, you find your happiness.

    About getting used to the elation, isn’t that natural? As you've put it, there are miles to go on this joyride and there will be many more reasons to feel elated.

    Congratulations!!! :-)

  6. Biju Says:

    @pree: oh yes, I do. :) after all, the pearl will still be with me!

  7. Sunita Says:

    Enjoy the moment. Indulge yourslef. Whatever happens, will anyway but you dont want to miss feeling this way, because you worried too much