Heart Strums

The stream of light circled the floor until it found the guitarist and flooded him with its white shine. He sat on a tall stool, his hair brushed back, one leg on the floor and the other tucked onto the stool's lower step. His face was lifted up into the glow of the light, exalted and content. The guitar stood with its side resting on his thigh. His left hand held its neck in a loving embrace as the fingers on his other hand gently caressed the wood, lightly reaching up towards the strings strung taut against the body. He was in love with his guitar and with the music that came forth from its hollow like a coin from thin air.

He sat in the front row, watching the guitarist performing a ritual so close to his heart. He closed his eyes to listen to the ecstatic cries of the strings as the guitarist moved his fingers from fret to fret. He felt the friction slide through his own body. He watched as the fingers waltzed around the sounding board, playing and cajoling the strings to dance to the rhythm, that ironically was their own. The air reverberated with the notes that flowed as part of it. He could sense the heart beats of space salute the notes that passed through it. He listened with wonder as unrelated sounds came together into an all-encompassing oneness.

He had wanted to be there. He dreamt that he could be there. Not in the limelight. Just the center of where music came from. Where the music relived its life. To swim in the fluidity of the guitar chords. To pick notes that could set pulses to dance along. To be able to slide his fingers across the fret to arouse the rose wood into a sensual rendition of its song of joy. He wished he were able to conjure order out of chaos, music out of crude sounds, joy out of thin air.

He wanted to be there but he wasn't. He called himself a loser and immersed himself into the dream that the true artist weaved for losers like himself.

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  1. Arz000n Says:

    Performing in front of an audience was neva ma cup of tea. I remember during my college festivals, I used to feel embarrased (for reasons unkonwn) to watch people perform on stage..thats why I gave up attending them afta my first year :P

    This is really odd....I know :)

  2. Skely Says:

    Well Forget this article!!!! Do write something about you being a winner now!!!

  3. Preethika Says:

    The guitarist sat there singing to himself, the verses that flowed out of his guitar as music. He was afraid to be audible. But he wanted to sing out aloud, connect his music and the song. But he was no good singer. He called himself a loser and immersed himself into the dream that the true artist weaved for losers like himself.

    Btw, u don't play guitar bad... it's jus a matter of trying hard to master it to perfection. If you dream of it, then work for it...

  4. Biju Says:

    @zoonie: Bizzare.. expected from you though :)

    @skely: no comments

    @pree: Ahhhh!! Are you suggesting that I sing (well)??? :-P I disagree. If after so many lessons I play the guitar like I do, it must mean something.

  5. Eroteme Says:

    Enjoyed reading this post... :-) I esp. liked the line: "He felt the friction slide through his own body." Very aptly described and I could easily feel the mood in there... :-)

  6. Biju Says:

    @Erotreme: Thank you very much :)