The river says..

"You asked", said the river, "why I run along these paths, twisting and turning under the sky's blue, trimmed by the forest's green. Do you want to know how I change with every moment, with every ripple? Do you wonder how I remain the same? I am kissed day after day by the sun's love. I am caressed to sleep by the moonbeam's polished silver lullaby. Leaves -brown, yellow, red and sometimes green - float into me and journey with me for a while. One day there is this one, the next there's another. Do you want to know how all of this feels? I reach my goal all the time. I reach the sea and meet old friends. I spend time with them and go to sit-down dinners. Then someday I am back at the beginning, trundling again through the same forests and past the same farms. Ah! You are perplexed by the futility in the cycle, aren't you? You might want to know why then do I not leave. There is no leaving, my friend. There is no end-station on this railroad. No, it does not get monotonous. The scene changes on every trip, though you have to look well to see the difference. Seasons change, the weather changes, the stones get smoother. Why, even the moon waxes and wanes. Do you want to know of it all? Look into me, I am a mirror."

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  1. Anupama Viswanathan Says:

    aww..sooo good! :)

  2. Biju Says:

    @anu: am glad you liked it :) Danke!

  3. Eroteme Says:

    Very nice. I enjoyed reading it. Would have loved to travel with the river and see more of what it sees...

  4. Biju Says:

    @Erotreme: Thanks mate! I wanted to travel further too, but didn't/couldn't. :)

  5. diyadear Says:

    good one..

  6. Biju Says:

    @diya: Thank you and welcome here. See you around.

  7. nina Says:

    wow... i should come by your blog more often... this one is a very good read

  8. Biju Says:

    @Arch: danke! :)

  9. Preethika Says:

    It's really beautiful!

  10. Biju Says:

    @pree: thank you very much! :-)

  11. Gaurav Says:

    Really too gud... its motivating in the sense that we must keep doing our duties no matter there are up and downs in life... i liked it a lot !!!