The Return of the Horrible Voices

Yes, American Idol is back. I don't like the show itself but the auditions are mindbogglingly funny. Such colourful characters, such weird confidence. If you want to laugh without restrain, there is nothing like the AI auditions. Keep away from the actual show though. That's not funny enough and not worth the hype. :)

Oh and Simon is in rocking form this time around too. Surprisingly Randy has upped his digs too. The best one so far has been this incredible guy who calls himself Red. Red considered his high pitch a masterpiece. That obviously was quite far away from the truth. Bohemian Rhapsody never sounded funnier than through his false voice.

Brilliant Stuff!!

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  1. G! Says:

    The show blows man... But the auditions are too much fun, it's true! I shamefully admit that I'm a watcher too :)

  2. Biju Says:

    @G!: Yo! very true. BTW, ur blogger profile returns an error page. ??

  3. Vaish Says:

    I love watching those auditions. There are some really hilarious ones on youtube for Malaysian Idol too. (Search: "Malaysian Idol")