Rant: Do you follow traffic rules?

The scene: I was waiting at the red to take a U-Turn at the BTM (Jayadeva) Flyover to head towards the Mantri building. It's red and I've my engine killed, enjoying a short break, clearing my head, before heading to work.

Now, people have this really bad habit at this particular signal: As soon as A turns red and B turns green, traffic at C has this urge to break their red. It's weird but that how's people behave.

| | |
| | | |
| | | {B} |
| |___________| |
| |_________________________|

Jayadeva Junction {A}
| ______ |
| {C} ( ) |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

So, while I wait, A turns red, B turns green and C, of course, is still red. This gentleman (details later) starts honking. I point out the red to him. But why should that stop him. "The signal doesn't work", says he before zooming off to take a U-turn, risking an accident in the process. He must've been a real honcho and the 2 minutes that he waits for a red could cost his company (hold on, I will tell u where he works too) a billion dollars. So he zooms off leaving me boiling. When I get a green, I take my U-turn as usual, catch up with Mr. Honcho (I wish I had learnt his name) and ask him "Can't you wait for a b****y red? Aren't you educated? You s** ...". He merely waves me off and drives on. Yes, I agree that arguing was not the way to deal with it, but my temper was ruined and my peace disturbed. With all that going on, I couldn't stop the man and have a sane discussion on traffic rules with a man like that. Imagine my plight when I had to take the elevator with him. Aaarggghhhh!!! The agony of it all.

Why can't we wait at signals? Why can't we be patient and let a vehicle take a turn? Why can't we wait for a stalled vehicle to start or drive around it or help the stalled vehicle? Why do we have to honk and shout at a stalled vehicle? Why can't we cultivate a basic road sense? Are we that hampered by our limited civic sense?

Mr. Honcho drives a golden colored Santro, wears glasses, is thin and tall. He works for Tally in the Commerce@Mantri building on the 2nd floor. I wish I had gotten his name. Oh yes, let him sue me for defamation if he can.

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  1. raks Says:

    they say that ppl who cannot wait until the red turns green suffer from premature eja********.

  2. Preethika Says:

    Raks, Oh my god buddy!! where did u pick this info from??
    Anyway, i know whom to blame if my mind thinks dirty next time i see an impatient guy on the traffic signal....

    Pssst... will the converse hold true for ones who wait patiently for red to turn green then turn on their engines??? ;-)

  3. Preethika Says:

    Wow!! then u took the elevator with him??? cool....

    This is called.. "Kahani mein twist hai.." :-)

  4. The Darkling Thrush Says:

    throw jargon out the window.

    it starts way before a civic sense.
    starts with patience.
    starts with erasing that really pissed-off look from one's face.

    starts way way early.

    try this,
    smile at a fellow motorist.

    it works. little things.

    (and YOU called yourself idealist?)