Firefox 2.0 RC1

Yep, just downloaded it. I have been playing around with the browser. Had to mini-hack some of my favorite plug-ins to work with the new version. Everything works so far and that's good, innit? A little inconvenient but should hold me until the extensions are updated.

Some very nice additions to an awesome browser. Read the What's New section for a rundown. Don't care too much about the visual changes or the web feeds. What I liked are

  • The auto complete feature for search engines. Yep, the search engine plugins can provide auto-complete. It did for Google.
  • built-in spell checker for web forms. it's brilliant and comes spelling suggestions and a add to dictionary feature. How hot is that? Now, your web mail can be spell checked on the go. BTW, I used it during this post.
  • Tabbed browsing improvements. History has a separate "recently closed tabs" list.
  • Built-in phishing protection. That should come in handy.
  • Some more neat features...
On the whole it is neat and I am waiting for 2.0 to be out. Can't wait to see what more they can do.

Do check it out. But beware, this install will overwrite any previous FF installs. Of course, your data will be safe.

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  1. Srivatsan Says:

    hey..i am big time FF user too..have u tried the IE Tab plugin that renders a webpage in FF as if IE has rendered it..
    its a cool plugin..try it out..its useful to view some websites that are supported or better viewed in IE only