off to india

for a week. Flying out tonight from Heathrow. Can't wait to get there.. No, no, not because I am homesick or anything. It's because my shiny new iPod is being safely protected by my friend skely, who, just for the record, happens to be a really great guy. Everybody should have friends like him. :-) And I haven't even seen my iPod yet.

Ofcourse, I am scared about the rains that are the news in India now. I don't want to be rained in through the week. Oh rain god(s), please show some mercy! I do love the rains but not now, just not now.

So though I have another post waiting to be posted, I am not posting it until I get back. See you folks later. tata and have fun. ta rum pum pum rum pum pum tum dum...

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