can i?

Last night, I was watching the Live 8 concert on vh1. As it always does, the visuals of children in various parts of Africa tugged at my heart. I have never really done anything to help people. I haven't given my time to any voluntary work, except for the annual volunteering day in my company. I don't necessarily feel ashamed about it though at the back of my mind there has always been a lingering thought. The thought that I am not incapable of helping, just that I don't do what I can. I am bound by my own introvert nature that makes me stay away from people. I have never been able to go up to a stranger and chat casually; not even a child. I know I can break out of this bondage. I know it is all in my mind. But I just don't do what I can.

I am bound by the norms laid down by society. I am bound to the notions of career and money and affluence. I sometimes wonder if it could've been different if I hadn't been born in India. A culture where independence is the norm. A society where a person is not questioned about what he wants to do with his life. I wish I could quit my job and spend a year or two helping people. In India or outside. I know I can, but I just don't do what I can. And then there is the thought about the people that depend on me. How can I forsake them? It's not that I don't do other things for myself, things that make me feel good. But this seems too huge. Or is it?

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