US Grand Prix - Indianapolis (contd.)

In case you did not see this, here is wat FIA had to say -


...and among other suggestions offered to help them by monitoring
speeds and penalising any excess.

However the Michelin teams refused to agree unless the Bridgestone
runners were slowed by the same amount. They suggested a chicane. The
Michelin teams seemed unable to understand that this would have been
grossly unfair as well as contrary to the rules. The Bridgestone teams
had suitable tyres. They did not need to slow down.

The Michelin teams' lack of speed through turn 13 would have been a
direct result of inferior equipment, as often happens in Formula One.

Michelin's failure to supply its teams with safe and durable tyres came less than two weeks after it was warned by the FIA not to sacrifice safety for performance.

Do you still think FIA was wrong? Why couldn't the Michelin teams agree to limit their speed and their speed alone into turn 13? So, this wasn't just about safety after all, was it? This is what is a if-i-dont-win-nobody-should attitude.

The more I look and read about this, the more I blame Michelin and the Michelin-shod teams. They were stubborn and totally remorseless. Michelin was incompetent, that's the bottom line. What's even more ridiculous is that none of these teams have anything to say about Michelin's mistake?

Unbelievable. Just because 7(or watever) teams did this together, does not make the wrong right.

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