Nature's fury

May those souls rest in peace....

There are people in other parts of the world, to whom tsunamis and earthquakes are known things. But not so in India and a few other 'safe' countries shored in the Indian Ocean. This Sunday (26 December, 2004) an earthquake in the depths of the Indian Ocean trigerred a series of tragic deaths in various parts of Asia. It was a pebble in the pool effect, but of an unimaginable magnitude. Like a giant boulder, miles across in girth, dropped into the ocean.

The earthquake was measured on the richter scale at 8.9, in the epicenter. That is big considering that it is the hugest earthquake in recent years. The quake churned the ocean to create a wave of destruction. What news channels initially streamed as a 'mild' tremor, transformed into a gory tale with the coming of the tsunamis.

Current estimates put the toll at a lot more than 20000 world-wide. Fishermen, out to eke their living, never returned. Children, out for a game on the beach, were washed off the face of the earth. People living near the sea, were left homeless, foodless and in many cases lifeless.

Nature showed her brutal side across SriLanka, India (especially the Andaman & Nicobar Islands), Thailand, Indonesia and other countries in the Indian Ocean.

Let those left behind, have the strength to move on.

Visit to know more about how you can help those that survived.

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