3 second adrenaline rush

There is a small stretch of road that leads to the Commerce@Mantri building (that's where my org works out of). This length of tarmac is relatively smoother and very less trafficked than the other roads I traverse in my daily commute. This is where I get my daily dose of high revving speed runs.

I slow down into first gear as I turn onto this piece of road. If there is traffic on the road, I ditch my rush and proceed at the same sedate pace. If not it's a go. Revving hard, I move the bike into the higher reaches of the rev band. My revvo quit a long time, so no absolute figures. Just take it that the bike makes a hell of a noise (much lesser than the cans, though) and turns into a edgy, nervy 16+ horse chariot. It is all over in a few seconds. I shift through only till the fourth (or sometimes the third) gear. But it is one hell of a great feeling and leaves me ready for the day.

It helps to spit the venom from the rush-hour traffic, the incorrigible signal breakers and the plainly stupid fellow road users! For those few moments, I don't have a bloke trying to cut across. For those few meters, I don't have potholes to avoid. Well technically, there is one very small hole, but not directly in my path.

That's my 3 second adrenaline rush!!

P.S: I wear always my helmet, almost always my jacket and shoes, and sometimes gloves.

Me and my bike below >>>>>

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