Surprising Discovery!!

My laptop has an internal mic. I never knew this. Maybe all laptops have them.... Wow!! This is how I happened to discover it.
My guitar has been out of tuning for months. A long time I downloaded this software, AP Guitar Tuner. Well, I thought I couldn't use it unless I get a mic or a pick-up socket (whatever-that-is-called).
Last night while playing some music on my laptop, I just happened to start up the software and I saw that the meter display fluctuated in tune with the music. Next, I turned off winamp and tapped around, whistled in a high-pitch and generally shouted and the tuner picked up these sounds as well. Wow!!! Then, I fired up the measly Sound Recorder that ships with Win2K and recorded my voice... Cool stuff.

By the way, the tuner is a great way to tune your guitar. Atleast it is for less endowed people like me. I could never for my life tune my guitar.. Damn! Got to learn that someday...

And this is my guitar...

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