How ordered is the world? How random is the world? Questions anybody can ponder on! Well, answers are hard to come by. When you look deep into something, some event, you could spot a million connections to things that have happened or will. Like the neural network. Every impulse seems to simulate other impulses. Every impulse seems to be simulated by others.

The connections are not one-to-one. They are many-to-many. One impulse can be simulated by one of the many other impulses linked to it. A glass vase breaks when you drop it to the floor. You drop it to the floor when your hand loses grip (or) when you throw it deliberately (or) so on. Your hand loses grip when your palm sweats (or) your hand is paralysed (or) you are shocked (or) so on. It goes on and on.

Did you notice that this is where the randomness exists? The randomness is in the path taken by an impulse to get to the impulse currently executing. Or it so appears. How do we know if this is random at all? What if there is a control that determines which path is open from node A to node B? What if there is a control that enables or disables nodes as it pleases? What determines the source impulse of the entire sequence. Is there such a thing as a source at all?

Ponder on, fellow node in the network scheme of things. If you think you know the answer or have clues log it into the comments!

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  1. Vamsi Says:

    Randomness... !!! Lost in space!