"How I met your mother" on STAR World. Watch it!!

I am a fan of that ubiquitous sitcom - "Friends". Yeah, call me lame but I did like that. Now, once I got hooked on to HIMYM, it's move over "Friends" I've had enough of your re-runs.  Agreed, HIMYM has almost the same ingredients - 5 friends and a bar (yeah, this is a grown-up version) but it's quite good all the same.

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  1. Aki Says:

    What time ?

  2. Preethika Says:

    Couldn't agree more dear!

    I could watch the same episode of friends a 100th time and still enjoy it. Still I rush home to catch the daily re-run of Friends on Star world at 7p.m (btw, these days they've 2 back-to-back episodes).

    But after HIMYM, friends no more craze me like before....

    ahhh...Finally, the moving on!!!