Some things that I ponder about.

The glass-and-metal mammoths that are our IT campuses seem to use so much of energy. All lighting is electrical and that must eat away a lot of power. Why aren't companies and architects making conscious effort to use natural lighting to the maximum? Why does it all have to be flourescents?

Look at any board room or conference room. There are always some lights that cannot be switched off at all. Why? What's the need for that? 

Why is it that a single switch very often controls a large bank of lights? Why can't the control be more granular? Is it that inconvenient to toggle a switch? Why not have the switches within each cubicle so I can switch on the one light bulb that I will need? The same applies to plug points. Why can't each switch control exactly one point? 

Why can't the switches and the plug points be above the table or work area? Most times it's tucked underneath. If it were more conveniently placed, more people will take the effort to switch off completely.

There are lots of such simple things that could be done. All of the corporates speak about social responsibility and environmental awareness, but I am yet to see one corporate that puts any effort into even these small things. Can't the govt or the development authority recommend and enforce such requirements? 

Why can't these large campuses have some trees planted around them? Landscaping doesn't have to be just grass. Trees even serve as a shade for the occupants when they want to stretch their legs or have a quick smoke. 


What's the bit I can do to help the environmental causes that are being battled for around the world? 

1) I consciously use the shower less. Yes, a shower is a shower and so I haven't given it up entirely. What I do is that I shower a bit and then use the bucket-and-mug technique to complete my bath.

2) I consciously avoid using the paper hand towels and instead rely on the good old handkerchief to dry my hands.

3) I try and switch off anything that isn't required. I walk around the house turning off lights and fans. I monitor the geyser to switch it off as soon as possible. I switch off all unused electrical points at night.

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  1. Aki Says:

    Point 3, does that mean that preeti walks around switching on all lights and fan?

  2. Preethika Says:

    @ Aki
    He seems to be hinting that i leave the fan and switches on!!

    @ Biju

    Yes dear, all your thoughts are perfectly valid. I think total environment should venture into commercial spaces.. :-)

    Also, most of your last posts are all about thinking and pondering. Is there excess time somewhere?

  3. Aki Says:


    @ Biju

    Sorry to have got out the hidden fact that you have a lot of time @ hand for washing !!!

  4. Skely Says:

    Well.. Good one Biju, after a couple of years later, I have started using handkerchief, to avoid the usage of paper napkins..

    and ofcourse, you an take the credit for this hange..

  5. Sid Says:

    What surprises me is that if ,'mere mortals' like us can figure that out, what's stopping the architects/planners/builders to have that perspective?

    But then as Gandhi said,
    be the change you want to see!

    Kudos to you!

    But pls, do shower :-)