Be afraid, very afraid

I post after so long and this has to be a crib-post. Sad state of affairs.

If you ever spot a Silver Hyundai Getz with registration plate KA 05 NC 65 (see pic below), please please move over, stop your bike and let the devil pass on. From my best guess, she drives from Bellandur (Ecospace in all possibility) and goes past Silk Board.

This cleopatra has the delusion that the road belongs to her and she cut me off twice - not once, twice - on the same day. The first time she swerved into the leftmost lane, where she had no business, *after* tail-gating a truck in the middle lane.

I have the choicest expletives reserved for her but out of self-control reserve them. Yeah, I was fuming on the road yesterday and just about contained my road-rage. Please give her my best wishes if you spot her on the road. The way she drives she'll be in jail for killing someone.

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