God!! For some peace!!

I was tricked into watching the movie that I had already been dreading. The movie that features the young, super six-packed porn star in a miner's hat.. Om Shanti Om. OK? Agreed, I have never been able to comprehend what the starry-eyed women saw in Mr. Khan. He reminds me of Ben Stiller's hilariously depicted character in Zoolander, especially the one "Look" part. In an eerie similarity to Derek Z, Mr. Khan has only one "Expression", one "Patented Laugh" and one "Patented Arms-Widened-Palms-Upward Pose". Enough said about Mr. Khan. I didn't expect much out of him in the movie anyway and so he is cleared of any guilt in making the movie an unbearable torture.

Welcome Ms. Farah Khan. Oak-aged choreographer who should have stuck to her calling. She has managed to create, with god-knows-how-many crores, the perfect tool to torture our poor souls. The movie definitely has an identity-crisis. I don't think the maker, herself, could decide whether the movie was a spoof or serious or paranormal or plain-old stupid. Most of the movie should have been a five or ten minute sketch. Unfortunately the director decided that a sketch should be over a torturous 3 hours long.

During brief periods of time, the movie moves away from its spoofiness towards overt melodrama. The scenes are so well(over?) dramatised that I was laughing myself off the seat. If these segments were also designed to be spoofs that didn't register in my humour retarded brain.

All in all, this was a movie that left me groaning throughout.. Absurd storyline, pathetic characterizations, muddled sequences, unnecessary songs and a ghost to boot!! A true to the core Bollywood movie. Did I hear it mentioned somewhere this was an "industry" movie?

I could've caught some shut eye if not for the blaring music that seemed to be an integral part of the movie.

Ms. Khan, please don't make another movie!!!

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  1. Preethika Says:

    You were tricked????

    If every actor in the industry was a nana patekar, Smita Patil or Nandita Das type then we can watch only documentary and art movie.

    Agreed the movie didn't have any stuff, story-suspense etc. But then it is one of the highest box-office grosser of the year!!! And you would credit only SRK and the songs for that!! It’s a typical bollywood masala film and if u went to the movie setting expectations then you’re the one at fault. It’s the kind only SRK fans would go to, ones who jus want to watch Khan in another role not to watch a worth-your-money story or acting. Blame the movie, it will accepted. But not Khan, cos it will not be tolerated (at least I won’t)

    Porn star? Jus cos u don't like him that doesn't mean u can call names like that.... If you want to what SRK is capable of I suggest u watch Darr, Anjaam, Circus and Fauji and Swadesh. Not every actor can be a hero, villain, comedian, director and everything and charm the masses too but SRK can. And that’s where his success lies. He’s a successful actor, a mass entertainer. He’s probably nothing compared to Mohanlal, Amitaab, Nana Patekar and all.

    And there are people who love SRK. As Deepika tells OK in the movie "When u jump from 50th floor, I believe it. When u beat up dozens of villains all alone, I believe that too" And all we starry eyed women believe it too cos we love SRK OK?

    P.S: “I was laughing myself off the seat.” – So who was one who slept through the movie sitting next to me???? Liar…. :-/

  2. Anu Says:

    Very interesting...both the review and the powerful comment that followed! I wonder what was your reaction, Biju when the "ek chutki sindoor" dialogue was repeated quite a many times in this movie....

    Preethi, maybe we all should go for "jab we met" and see the reactions from Biju and Chells ;-) What say?

  3. Biju Says:

    @Anu: We've already seen "jab we met". Relatively speaking, that movie was about 25 times better. :)

  4. Skely Says:

    @biju: What's your response to preethi's comments?

  5. Preethika Says:


    Biju won't reply to my comments. He knows that it's too cold outside these days :-D

    @ anu,
    'Jab we met' was a nice entertainer. If u haven't u should go for it...

  6. Aki Says:

    hmm...repeating the question...how many p*** movies have u seen to judge him a star...man u have some taste!!!!!

  7. Aki Says:

    JAb we met yet to see people...I have the DVD with me....not picked up from the roadside...this is the original....

  8. Sibi Says:

    Hmm... Om Shanthi Om was a good movie... had a good time watching eventhough there was no story... songs were too good... and the way each scene was taken... literally amazing...
    Also Padukone... i love her... :)