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<<8 things about me: tagged by Sunita>

1. On some days I wake up with my tongue twisted. That whole day I would end up making incomprehensible noises in place of words. I babble.

2. I like to nap in the afternoon but anything more than 1/2 an hour to an hour will leave me groggy-headed throughout the evening.

3. I hate using the loo in an airplane or bus, especially if I am not in the aisle. :)

4. Sometimes when I become hungry, my hands start shaking like someone with substance-dependence (political correctness unintended). Even then I eat lesser than most people. Sometimes I gobble up food like a hungry hyena and yet most people finish before i can.

5. My fingers are always shaking. I inherited it from my mom.

6. I hate going to doctors. :( I am no longer too scared of being injected, though. :)

7. No one ever believes that I am a mallu by birth. Most times I like it that way cos I hate being in groups made by region/language/etc.

8. I am clumsy and I bump-n-stomp people and things quite often.

I am tagging Skely cos I know he'll have a really hilarious list of 8 things about himself

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  1. Sunita Says:

    I think your name is a big give-away for a mallu.

  2. Preethika Says:

    1.) Why do u fold ur tongue also like ur hands when u sleep?

    2.) hmmm...

    3.) Loos in the bus????

    4.) Gobble up? I would like to see what is it that u call gobbling up...

    5.) always shaking? hmmm... I've never noticed...

    6.) Liar Liar Liar

    7.) I can still not beleive that you're a mallu....

    8.) God bless you! and the ppl too :-)