Bowling for Columbine

This is the country that seems to never learn from its mistakes, whether it has to do with funding future "terrorists" or the mindless gun culture. Columbine didn't wake them to the harsh reality. It is not guns that kill, it's people with guns that do and this is a country where many states give you the right to carry guns. Now, it is Virginia Tech. The NRA does not care a bit, the pro-gun supporters don't give a damn. Columbine has become a proper word in English. It has become just another trivial word.

A few days after Virginia Tech happened, the t.v. is showing Moore's "Bowling for Columbine". In the documentary, Moore walks into a bank, opens an account and walks out with a rifle. That's all it takes to procure a gun and the bullets - he got them at a barber's. Yes, that's the kind of gun-complacence this country shows. Even after many such incidents, many citizens defend their need and their right to stock hand-guns in their homes. They don't just defend it. Most of them are proud of their gun culture. Watch the documentary and you will realise that some people just don't learn.

Anyone can get angry about something. Any kid can get a gun and shoot up people. Anyone can walk into the streets with a weapon, even if it's concealed. That's the kind of country this is. The place I am in now, Minneapolis, passed laws in 2003 that allowed people to carry concealed weapons. As I walk down the street, I realise that some of the people that walk by could have a gun on him/her. I realise that one of them could very well pull out an automatic weapon and spray the place with bullets. Life is a flimsy thing, I agree, but it is doesn't help to know that you live in a place where the government works towards worsening your odds. It doesn't take a minute for a human to lose his temper. It wouldn't take a minute for a gun to take a life.

There are a million such things wrong with the land of dreams and opportunity. There are a million things wrong with India too but at least in India only the goondas carry guns. In India, I have less chances of being looked down upon. In India, kids don't go shooting up their classmates. No, I am not a patriot but I feel safer back there than in this modernised world. Like Moore says, "Watch the news every night and America is still a very scary place".

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  1. sanchapanzo Says:

    as you had rightly pointed out bad things happen everywhere, so why do we target US or India alone. i think it s the media spin on events that makes something a good news or bad news.
    i think this whole virginia tech news story had too much hype all around. in india, we have some train accident or ferry boat capsized or big road accidents or some berserk terrorist bombing/shooting do happen, which also involves same number of people dead.
    so me not sure, why we have to judge america's gun laws just on this news item..

  2. Skely Says:

    @sanchapanzo: True accidents happens everywhere, but do you call this an accident?

    With guns everywhere, and not sure when and who would do what? Well I feel this is the actual concern...

  3. Biju Says:

    that's exactly the point. these are not accidents nor are these "organizations" with an agenda. these are otherwise-normal people (normal people have a li'l bit of crazy in them too) that ended up killing others *because* they had access to the weapons. gun control will not take away the access completely but it will become more difficult and expensive to acquire a gun.