Memories to be cherished and cuddled,
Preserved like a forever wine,
Now lay in a shoe box, touched by darkness,
Caressed by the unseeing eyes of the mind.

Memories that were once the elixir and the tonic,
Sweet medicine for the soul, when in need.
Are but their mere physical selves,
Papers written upon, roses whose scents died.

Memories that once brought an unforced smile,
Forget-me-nots that revealed hidden beauty.
They leave a scar on mind's face,
A reminder of what was not and what will not be.

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  1. M (tread softly upon) Says:

    wow! that's all I can say.

  2. Biju Says:

    @M: thank you. am honoured!

  3. A Says:

    sounds like a break up, when i did, i was more violent, i remember

    some stick like glue

    on my tongue
    as i lick the envelop
    seal you in a cage of paper
    and post my anger away

    some erupt on my skin
    boils of hot hatred
    that itch to be let out
    and singe you

    some claw behind my eyes
    tear at my vision
    threatening to pour
    and dissolve me

    all of them infest me
    these bits of you
    you left behind
    feasting on bits of me