The blues

Monsoon is here (I think it is). Anyway the weather is blue.. err.. actually dark gray. It's moody, it's chilled out and it's awesome. It drizzles every few hours. Sometimes it pours down like a waterfall. Rains are never far away in Bangalore, yet it is only now that the weather has taken on a true rainy hue. Dark clouds float lazily throughout the day, hiding the white clouds and the blue sky behind their rain laden mass. There is a certain dampness all around, that gives you a pleasant caress whenever you step out from the dumpy interiors.

The whole world looks lazy. The day invites you to shed all your work, relax and enjoy the freshness that the world has to offer. The greens of the trees stand out in vivid detail against the stark clouded sky. The sun peeps out once in a while, as if to supervise the earth underneath. Those few sunlit moments of warmth can feel like heaven when standing within the cold draft.

Though the mood is moody, the wind and the chill call you out to have some fun. You can watch the raindrops drip from all possible structures - from roofs to tree leaves. You can wait for the breeze to bring to you a mist of fresh raindrops. You can merely sit there staring and lost to the world.

The weather is perfect for a ride through curvy country roads with the wind now whispering and now howling at you. Alternately if you like to laze around, there is nothing that beats this balmy weather with a cup of tea and music to keep you cuddled on the bean bag.

Unfortunately I am stuck inside the office. How cruel! And when I do get to leave in the evening, there'll be horrendously serpentine traffic to overcome. Something about rain makes people crazy on the road. Luckily I get to enjoy the loveliness whenever I step out for a coffee. Not completely there, yet a wonderful break from the monotony.

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