New year

This is the mandatory new year post :-)

With new year's day behind us, it is time to settle down into yet another year. 2005. Wonder what that would bring along!

As every year draws to a close, most people have this to say - "This year has been bad, filled with evil this and that. Wonder what the new year has in store." It is some kind of unwritten principle that makes people expect the worst. That's good in a way, because they wouldn't be surprised by the things that might go wrong in the next year. This is what they expected, so no issues with that.

The just exited year had been a mixed bag for me. Lots of frustration, lots of fun, lots of everything. Some very memorable moments, some wish-i-could-forget-them moments, some serious threats to life. I wouldn't be able to list out the highlights of the last year. But seriously, I have no complaints about 2004. It was just another year. Life has been good, though I like to grumble about things. Grumbling is my way of accepting things. It helps to get the bad blood out through the mouth.

Hmmm, wonder how bad 2005 would turn out to be! Just kidding, folks!

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